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These are some questions which I collected during the years of my art workshop experience (I started 2000 in Ireland:)

If I have your question not answered please send me an email or go the contact page. I will be happy to answer your question.

If you want to customized a project to make it more personal please send me your ideas and we can talk about it.

  1. What are the benefits of a membership? What to expect?
  • Talking and making art in a group of like-minded people
  • Learning and practising with fun
  • To be social with your neighbours and making friends
  • Loyalty to your group and to yourself
  • Exchanging skills and ideas with all members
  • Saving $$ on each art project
  • Getting hands on material which you don’t own
  • Easy access to resources to learn new techniques
  • Email support for 1 year (questions around our projects)
  • Member of a gallery on my website ideas4art.com
  • monthly newsletter & freebies (digital art)
  • Zoom services just exclusively for members
  • Discount for portrait sessions

2. How much is the member fee?

Our member fee for 2022 is $40 per year. The start of your membership is the month you will join the group and is valid 12 month. The payment is exclusively via e-transfer to todt.andrea@me.com. You will get a receipt which you can use for your tax purpose.

3. I have decided to become a member. What are the next steps?

  • Send me your email with your name, address, telephone number and your starting month.
  • Payment of $40 via e-transfer to todt.andrea@me.com
  • Receipt goes back to you immediately.
  • When we meet on your first project you will get a welcome gift.

4. How can I benefit even more when I am a member of this art group?

As a professional photographer, specialized in family and commercial portraits, you can ask for your discount of 20% for each portrait session. This offer can be transferred ONES to a family member of yours.

5. Which day and time will meet the art group?

The second week of Wednesday every month from 7-9pm will we meet to create our monthly project. A second day would be available the first week on Thursday from 7-9pm. If we have enough art friends interested in mornings we can arrange this. Don’t forget we just have to find the time for ONE project every month.

6. Where will take place the art lessons and how long will be a session?

All art lessons will take place in my studio at Millrise Close, SW Calgary and will be max. 2.5 hours long.

7. How many participants can work on a project at the same time?

I can host 4 – 6 art friends at the same time in my studio. 4 participants is a minimum number which we would need to be efficient. My studio gives enough space to sit in a proper distance.

8. Can I participate without to be a member?

Yes, You can come without a membership. The Project fee will be higher and some services are not accessible for non-members. The fun will be the same!

9. Is an online lesson being offered because of the Corona situation?

Yes, I offer personal lessons with Zoom if this is more comfortable for a member. The basic material will be delivered in Millrise, Shawnessy, Evergreen, Bridlewood & Midnapore for free. For all other communities a delivery fee of $8 is applicable.

10. Do you need my own material when I wish to get an online lesson? Which material is not included?

The basic material I will deliver like watercolour paper and one brush, but not the actual paints. Canvas, canvas board, accessories and greeting cards are included in the kit as well . You can start if you have available paints (acrylic, watercolour). Not included in the material kit is glue, ink & metallic at any kind, glitter and material which we would share in my studio to keep the costs low. Art material is very cost intensive.

11. Will be the project fee lower for a Zoom session?

The cost will be the same. The expense and the time is approximately the same (if not higher).

12. Do I have to fill in a form prior the lesson?

Unfortunately yes, during the covid situation you have to send two forms back to me via email before you will come to my studio. I will ask for a healthy check form and for an agreement form which is related to insurance purposes. As soon we can enjoy ourselves again “without” covid one form will be discontinued.

13. Do I have to wear a mask during the lesson?

To follow the healthy measurements I want to ask to wear a mask at any time.

14. I like it so much, could I get private lessons?

Yes, I am happy to offer private lessons. The costs will be $50 per hour.

15. I would like to host a lesson for my friends (as a birthday party, engagement event). Would you come to my house?

What a great idea! If you want to host a craft party for a maximum of 6 art friends – YOU don’t have to pay! All material is prepared and the fun can start. We need just a table for all birthday guests. No additional travel cost is applicable.

16. Do you have a FaceBook or Instagram group?

No, I am not on these social media platforms. My concentration goes to my website(s).

17. Do I HAVE to come each month?

You will decide if you want to attend on 12 or less projects.

18. Why is the cost for a project so different?

The cost of each project is calculated for the material which is necessary to get the best result. When you will get a canvas the cost will be higher. The same would be for canvas boards, a frame and if we will use high quality paints. The cost for each project is as low as it gets.

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